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      Michael Wallis - The Donner Party
      *Bonus Episode* - The Forlorn Hope

While the name “The Donner Party” sounds like a good time, it definitely was not.  It is a macabre tale from the Wild West that *Spoiler Alert* famously ends in cannibalism.  But that is only 5% of the story.  Bestselling author Michael Wallis tells the twisted tale of this ill-fated and terribly timed wagon train.  We discuss Johnny B. Goode, the infamous Hastings Cutoff, how President Lincoln was almost a member of this group, and in a completely unrelated note,  Michael’s work as the Sheriff in the movie Cars. 

*BONUS EPISODE* – The Forlorn Hope

Every concept has an origin story.  Dubbed ‘The Forlorn Hope’, the first attempt at a rescue spawned two of the darkest and most infamous ones of the entire ordeal known as The Donner Party:  Cannibalism and Murder.  Listen as we discuss the treacherous events that lead this insidious course of action.


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