Previous Guests

Achilles, JasonExtraterrestrial Audio Engineer, and the man who will put a microphone on Mars
Adams, Dr. NatalieCheerleading's Cheerleader
head-silhouette-with-question-markAllen, RhettSelf made "Economist" and corporate crusader.
Amore, AnthonyArt Theft Expert
Axelrad, JoshProfessional Card Counter
Baldwin, CarlCurator of The Velveteria
Barbour, MarkFounding Curator of the International Printing Museum
Barretta, LisaThe Mystic Art of Tattooing
Baugh, KevinPresident, The Republic of Molossia
Bayne, NickWorld Champion Cheesemonger
Bearer, PaulWWE manager, and real life funeral director.
Bigolin, SteveThe Barbed Wire Barons
Birnes, William J.Famed Ufologist, Author, and Battle of Los Angeles historian
Bishop-Stall, Shaughnessy J.Author of Hungover, and Down To This
Blackman, GeorgePractitioner of Vermiculture, Paramagnetic Energy, and Raku Pottery
Belmonte, JasonBowling Prodigy
Bentley, Nancy LeeWholistic Health Expert, and Master of Fermented Foods
Bradley, KevinPope: The Church of Type
Bray, LourindaThe History of Carousels
Bream, MichaelElectrifying Antique Cars
Brown, MaryQuilting Queen
Buckmaster, RandyWind Farmer
Bunyard, Dr. BrittMaster Mycologist
Calhoun, BobThe Famous Count Dante of Incredible Strange Wrestling, and author of "Beer, Blood, and Cornmeal", and "The Murders that Made Us"
Campbell, TomOut of Body Experiences, and Living in a Virtual Reality Simulation
Carbonaro, MichaelThe Carbonaro Effect
Clearfield, LibbyChildren's Book Author of "There's a Rainbow in the Mud"
Cosentino, Dr. DonaldHaitian Vodou Expert
Crawford, RodCurator of the Burke Museum Spider Collection
D., JamesThe 60's Psychedelic Experience
Davidson, JimSummited Mt. Everest
Day, WalterThe Father of Esports
Deeley, BillPresident of Punxsutawney Phil's Inner Circle
Dyment, DougThe Go-Light Guru
Demetrios, EamesGeographer-at-large for the Parallel Universe Kcymaerxthaere
Dennin, Dr. MichaelSuperhero Scientist , Scientific Philosopher, & Author of Divine Science
Dever, JoeAuthor of Lone Wolf, Video Game designer, and RPG creator
DeWolf, JamiePerformer, Filmmaker, Circus Ringmaster, Vaudevillian, Writer, and Great Grandson of L. Ron Hubbard
Donaldson, Dr. JohnThe Philosophy of The Simpsons & Game of Thrones
Donnelly, SiikeComic Book Author, Historian, and Brain Aneurysm Survivor
Dow, Dr. JamesProfessor, Author, Economist, Zombie Sympathizer
Drescher, KaylaHistory's Next Great Magician
Drout, Dr. MariaAstronomer at the Carnegie Science Center, and one of the first observers of a Neutron Star Collision
Archbishop Feyl-Enright, RonArchbishop and Chief Exorcist
Evans, AlexHead Puppeteer at the Bob Baker Marionette Theater
Fallon, Dr. JamesDr. of Neuroscience at UCI and the World's Friendliest Psychopath
Farago, AndrewCurator of the Comic Art Museum
Felton, Dr. DebbieSerial Killers in Antiquity
Ferguson, Christopher J.How Madness Shaped History & The Craziness Caused By COVID-19
Finkel, MichaelAuthor of "The Stranger in the Woods: The Extraordinary Story of the Last True Hermit"
Fletcher, JamesThe American Presidential Museum
Stanton, FriedmanThe Godfather of Ufology
Futrell, JimAmusement Park Historian
Gagliardi, GarySun Tzu's 'The Art of War'
Garcia, RobertBatman TV Show Batstorian
Gertsacov, Prof. A. G.Flea Circus Maestro
Gordon, Dr. DeborahWorld's Foremost Expert on Red Harvester Ants
Giannoulas, TedFirst Professional Sports Mascot
Gilchrist, GuyIllustrator of The Muppets
Gilmore, BradRadio Host, Pro Wrestling Announcer, and Author of "Back from the Future"
Gruber, XaqueHuffpo Writer, Hand Model, Hollywood Renaissance Man, and Fransisco The Wedding Planner
Gunkel, Dr. DavidPreparing for the Robot Incursion
Hanson, WilliamManners and Etiquette Expert
Harding, SandiThe Manager of the Last Blockbuster on the Planet
Harris, BarbaraDog Lover, Bonobo Expert, and Author of "Survival of the Friendliest"
Harris, BarbaraGiant Rock and Integratron Historian
Harrison, BenThe Curious Case of Count Carl von Cosel
Headley, MikeThe Homestake Mine/Sanford Lab
Herman, EleanorThe History of Poisons & Researcher of Presidential Mistresses
Higgins, LilaExpert on Honeybee parasites and member of the Zombee Watch
Horowitz, MitchSuperstitions expert and author of Occult America
Horwood, CatherineHouseplants Historian and Fashionista of Horrible Fashion Trends
Moulton Howe, LindaCattle Mutilation, and Real Life X-Files
H. P. Lovecraft Historical SocietyMerging the world of H. P. Lovecraft with our own
Hunt, CynthiaHistorian, master of Lore for the historic 100 inch Hooker Telescope
Irwin Jr., KennyArtist, Mastermind behind Robo Lights
Jacobs, TamaraBranding Expert and author of "Be The Brand"
Jones, PaulMold-A-Rama
Joshi, S. T.World's Foremost H. P. Lovecraft Expert
Kelly, Dr. Henry Professor, Biblical Scholar and Satan Expert
Kelly, SeanWorld Class Video Game Collector
King, RitaThe Weeki Wachee Mermaids
Kinsey, LeonardThe Hidden Secrets of Disney
Kinzer, StephenMK-ULTRA: The C.I.A.'s Secret Mind Control Project
Kleeman, JennyInvestigative Journalist and Author of "Sex Robots and Vegan Meat"
Kocek, GeorgePresident of the Braidwood Area Historical Society
Koury, KenNationally Ranked Monopoly player
Kovalik, DanCancel Culture Connoisseur
Kreng, JohnMartial Arts Stunt Choreographer
Krulos, TeaThe Phantom Patriot, and the Proliferation of Conspiracy Theories
Kurlander, EricThe Supernatural History of the Third Reich
Kwechansky, AlexForensic Accountant
Lantz, JackToy Train Collector, Asian Art Enthusiast, Big Band Musician, and Eccentric Billionaire
Land, BillCommunal Living Expert
Lents, Dr. NathanDesign Flaws of the Human Body
Levenda, PeterOccult researcher, Nazi historian, and famed author of Unholy Alliance & Ratline
Levenson, BarryWeird Food Laws & The National Mustard Museum
Lewis, Dr. SaraFireflies
Lipp, HowardShaman and Audio Healer
Loftus, Dr. ElizabethRedefined Eyewitness Testimony and False Memories
Looney, ChrisGiant Asian Hornet Hunter
Looney, Kristin and AndyMasterminds behind the Looney Labs game company
Lorr, BenjaminThe Hidden World of the Grocery Store
Luckhurst, RogerChronicler of Corridic structures & Expert on Zombies in Pop Culture
Lybrand, JohnThe Rubel Castle Blacksmith
Mahabal, VernonWorld Renowned Palmist
Majewski, KarlaExotic Animal Trainer
Marden, KathleenThe Betty & Barney Hill UFO Abduction
Marie, ArgenaTarot Card Reader
Marinello, ChrisThe World's Foremost Expert on Recovering Stolen Art
Matson, TedCultivator of Bonsai Trees
Mazan, SteveStand-Up Comic, and the subject of "Dying To Do Letterman"
McAuliffe, KathleenMind Controlling Parasites
McClelland, ScottThe Creator of Carnival Diablo
Meldrum, Dr. JeffThe Science of Sasquatch
Merrill, JasonVictorian Era Fashionista
Minard, JeffWalking Encyclopedia of License Plate History
Moore, Captain CharlesThe Great Pacific Garbage Patch
Morton, LisaHalloween Historian
Mudgett, JeffGreat Great Grandson of H. H. Holmes
Mungin, Dr. DougSkid Row Historian
Murch, RobertOuija Board Historian
Munson, MattProp Making Genius
Nedeff, AdamAuthor, and Game Show Aficionado
Neubauer, Jonas5x World Tetris Champion
Rick David comboOak IslandThe World's Greatest Treasure Hunt
Oman, DavidInhabitant of the famed Oman House
O'Neal, BillPersonalities of the Wild West
Owens, Chris DaneProducer, Musician, Viral Video Sensation
The Paranormal RangersRangers John Dover & Stan Milford Investigate Paranormal Cases on the Navajo Nation
Pendle, GeorgeAuthor of Strange Angel, and Airport Carpeteer
Piatek, WendyUFO Researcher and Mom From Indiana
Porges, SethPinball Historian & Action Park Adventurer
Quinlan, SusanDoll & Teddy Bear Museum
Rabaiotti, Dr. DaniSlimy Creatures and Weaponized Farts in the Animal Kingdom
Raymond, DavidMascot Hall of Fame
Richardson, JeffreyHoward Hughes in Hollywood & The Colt Revolver
Roberts, KeithPresident of the Los Angeles County Beekeeping Association
Rodriguez, ChristianCurator of The Charles Lummis house
Rosenbauer, TaylorFingerboarding Legend
Rowley, JerryCandy Cane King
Rubel, ScottRubel Castle
Rude, EmelynFood Historian
Sanders, ToddThe Art of Neon Signs
Schechter, HaroldH. H. Holmes Historian
Schwartz, Dr. DavidGambling Historian
Sengupta, Dr. AnitaDesigner of the Supersonic parachute for the Mars Rover Curiosity/Manager of the Cold Atom Laboratory
Sexton, PhilRailroad Historian
Shaffer, BoDeliverer of Dry Ice to the Frozen Dead Guy
Siepser, BenFormer Rocket Engineer, Current Neuroscientist
Sims, DerrelAlien Implants
Smith, Michael PaulMaster Miniature Maker
Smoley, RichardExpert in Mystical Religious Traditions, and author of Supernatural
Sprangers, PaulPurveyor of Eggplant Jerky
Stucker, ChuckRaised On The Rock (Alcatraz)
Sullivan IV, RobertDecoder of Occult Symbols in Popular Movies
Taff, Dr. BarryWorld Renowned Parapsychologist and researcher at the UCLA Parapsychology Lab
Taub, JeffRingling Brothers Clown
Termes, DickThe World's Leading Spherical Artist
Townsend, GeniiMessenger of The City of Light
Trask, RichardSalem Witch Trials Historian
Turner, ChrisCOO of The Ring Finders
Valentine, CarlaTechnical Curator at St. Bartholomew's Pathology Museum
Vanek, AaronDesigner of Live Action Role Playing Games
von Daniken, ErichChampion of the Paleocontact theory, and author of Chariots of the Gods?
Wagner, Richard AllanResearcher of The Winchester Mystery House
Wallis, MichaelThe Donner Party & Route 66
Walsh, TimGame Inventor and Toy Historian
Wyatt, Jr., WalterPlane Crash & Shark Attack Survivor
Watkins, TomThe Planet's Premiere Pet P.I.
Way, DavidCurator of The Battleship Iowa
Weaver, CarolineDevotee of analogue writing technologies
Webb, FloydCount Dante Documentarian
West, Dr. SamuelThe Museum of Failure
White, AlActor - Jive talking guy from Airplane!
Whitman, Dr. GlenProfessor, Author, Economist, Vampire Aspirations
Williams, SeanSneaker Collector and Kickstorian
Wills, BarrieThe Rise and Fall of The DeLorean
Wright, Taryn HarperInternet Hoax Buster
Wuydts, RichardCultivator of Carnivorous Plants
Wynne, StephenCEO of DeLorean Motor Company
YinzerellaRetro Cooking Enthusiast
Ziek, BenWorld Pun Champion