Lourinda Bray

Laurinda Square


      Lourinda Bray - History of the Carousel

Carousels are a time honored tradition, stretching back to at least to the 12th century.  According to expert and historian Lourinda Bray, they may even date back as far as the invention of the wheel:  Fire, Wheel, Carousel.  I sat down at her amazing restoration compound “Running Horse Studio” and learned all about their incredible history.  We talked about standers, stargazers, lolling tongues, pole holes, the Philly style, steam-powered carousels and how getting dizzy could be the first gateway to euphoria.

      Jim Futrell - History of Amusement Parks

Since carousels were the first rides to appear boardwalks, check out my companion interview with Jim Futrell on The History of Amusement Parks



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