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Todd Sanders Square

2. Master of Neon Art

3. Restorer of Antique Cars

      Todd Sanders - The Art of Neon Signs

What is not to love about neon signs?  These buzzing beauties have become synonymous with the open road.  From their invention in the 30’s, to their downfall in the 50’s, to their modern resurgence, neon signs have directed us to the most delicious places to eat, the most comfortable place to sleep, and the most entertaining places to frequent. 

One man believes these signs are more than just roadside Americana.  Todd Sanders is an artist who has turned neon signs into amazing pieces of art.  We discuss his passion, from his earliest childhood memory of two neon circles, to the the immortality of the bulbs themselves.  We also discuss Bobby Hill, Todd’s football career, and how he started out working on antique cars.


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