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      Bill O'Neal - Personalities of the Wild West

*Bonus Episode* - The End of the Wild West

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I have always loved the Wild West.  I don’t know if it is the struggle against lawlessness, vigilante justice, gold prospecting, ghost towns, showdowns at high noon, snake oil salesmen, railroad tycoons, or riding a horse everywhere you go.  I am sure it is one of those, or the perfect combination of all.  The true encapsulation of  this era are the various personalities that flavored the myths and legends.  I get into some of the greats with Bill O’Neal, the official historian for the great state of Texas.  We talk about the the first quick-draw showdown, popularized by “Wild Bill” Hickok, how Doc Holliday was a real dentist but not a great gunslinger, and I postulate that “Killin” Jim Miller  was the Wild West’s first real serial killer!


Bill sticks around to talk about the end of the west.  We get into the Outlaw/Lawman Jim Plummer and how he worked both sides of the law with a group called The Innocents, as well as The Last Gunfight, and the Last Great Stagecoach Robbery.


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