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*Bonus Episodes*

The X-Men & Free Will and AI/The Paranormal

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Superhero Scientist

Dr. Michael Dennin describes himself as a modern day Socrates (listen and find out why).  A professor of Physics and Astronomy at University of California at Irvine, Dr. Dennin has made a name for himself as the go to guy for explaining superhero powers and abilities in real-world physics.  He has appeared in the documentaries Batman Tech, The Science of Superman, Spiderman Tech, and Star Trek Tech.  Doc Dennin also appears regularly on Ancient Aliens, and he designed a free online course through UCI with some of his colleagues about how to survive a Zombie Apocalypse.  We talk about The Drake Equation, the advantages of being a millionaire, and how he is going to steal my idea for a fluffy Hulk.

*Bonus*  The X-Men
Dr. Dennin sticks around and we talk about the X-Men, including Wolverine, Prof. X, and what’s her name…..oh yeah, Mystique!

Divine Science

You are used to hearing “Dr. Michael Dennin:  Superhero Scientist”, but it turns out there is much more to Dr. Dennin than analyzing the physics behind faster than light spandex.  This lifelong practicing Catholic has taken his questions about religion and God, and has looked at them with the eye of a scientist.  The result is the amazing book Divine Science:  Finding Reason at the Heart of Faith.  In it, he takes a surprisingly rare but MUCH needed rational look at religion, and what can and cannot be explained with science.  In this eye-opening discussion, we talk about truth vs fact, particle/wave duality and how it explains the Holy Trinity, plus we visit Dennin’s wheelhouse:  God as a superhero.

A Scientific Model For Free Will

Dr. Michael Dennin is known for his scientific work with foam, superheros, and aliens.  What’s next you ask?  How about answering one of mankind’s oldest questions:  “Do We Have Free Will”?  In this episode not only does he lay out a humanity altering model for Free Will, but we discuss Terminator 2 & 3, my philosophy 101 teacher’s nuclear green shoes, chocolate chip cookies, and our reptilian brain.

*Bonus*  Free Will and AI/The Paranormal

How does Dr. Dennin’s model for Free Will work with advanced AI?  Can a computer system develop emergent properties similar to true choice?  What about psychics who seem to be able to see and alter the future?  We tackle both topics in this bonus episode!


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