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      Lisa Barretta - The Mystical Art of Tattooing

*Bonus Episode* - Spotting Psychic Scams

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I have always been intrigued by tattoos.  While not having any myself, I do appreciate the outward artistic expression.  I never really thought of them as more then large, persona, permanent pieces of art.  That is, until I talked to Lisa Barretta.  She puts forth a paradigm that every aspect of a tattoo, from color, body placement, symbol, and intention, is critically important and imbues the tattoo with a mystical energy that can enhance your personal field.

In our conversation we talk about sigils, birthmarks, blood rituals, shamanism, tattooed babies, and the inter-connectivity of all things

*BONUS EPISODE* – Spotting Psychic Scams

Known as “The Street Smart Psychic”, Lisa knows how to spot a fake fortune teller.  Listen as she gives some great tips on how to get a great psychic reading, while steering clear of the phonies.  Also, learn how her first psychic reading involved the gift of a spaghetti dinner! 


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