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      Tom Watkins - The Planet's Premiere Pet P.I.

If you are an animal person, there is nothing worse than your pet running away.  When this happens, who would you call?  Sherlock Holmes?  Batman?  Both are amazing detectives, yet nether one of them are real.  You are in luck because The Planet’s Premiere Pet P.I. Tom Watkin’s is real, and he will find your pet!  Using highly sophisticated equipment such as thermal cameras, drones, and even a search dog for dogs, Tom and his network of qualified sleuths will look high and low (and even in a neighbors yard) for your pet.

In this rare interview, Tom, his daughter Polly, and I sat down to get into the serious topics such as his extreme allergy to cats, the ambulance he converted into a mobile HQ, degus, and the dog that started it all, his childhood pup Maggie.

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