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      Jeff Mudgett - The Descendant of H. H. Holmes
      Harold Schechter - The History of H. H. Holmes

*Bonus Episode* - Was H. H. Holmes the notorious Jack The Ripper?

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In part 2 of my H. H. Holmes discussion, I talk to one of his living relatives, Great Great Grandson Jeffery Mudgett. At the forefront of Holmes history, Jeff has both literally and figuratively uncovered some long-hidden evidence, culminating in the exhumation of the body buried in Holmes’ Grave. For years, Jeff has postulated a very compelling theory: He believes the notorious Jack the Ripper was in fact H. H. Holmes, a topic that is explored in depth on the History channel series American Ripper.

Jeff and I chat about Nautical Industrial Technology, how his grandmother was convinced he was related to Robert E. Lee, Friedrich Nietzsche quotes, and the discovery of a 100 year old intact human brain.

To learn more about H. H. Holmes, listen to part 1 with author Harold Schechter.


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