Adam with games

Adam Nedeff (Pronounced Knee-Deaf) has an almost encyclopedic knowledge of game shows.  As am matter of fact, he has written a 4 volume set entitled “This Day in Game Show History” Volumes 1-4.  He also wrote the book “Quizmaster” which is about Superstar Game Show Host Bill Cullen.  He has appeared as a contestant on several game shows, Trivial Pursuit: America Plays, Catch-21, and Who’s Still Standing, as well as worked on The Price is Right and Wheel of Fortune.  We talk about the guy who cracked the random code on Press Your Luck, the silliness of the phrase “Making Whoopie”, and the Mythological Hero A Chi Less.

Adam’s amazing game show company:  Home Game Enterprize

Adam’s personal game show website

Adam’s book on Amazon

All the videos we talked about in the episode:

Epic Fail on Wheel of Fortune

What’s My Line:  Lincoln Assassination Eyewitness

Video Village

Newlywed Game – Urge to Make Whoopie