Dr. Dani Rabaiotti

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      Dr. Dani Rabaiotti - Slimy Creatures of the Animal Kingdom
      *Bonus* - Weaponized Flatulence

Slimy Creatures of the Animal Kingdom

When most people think of slime, a few words typically come to mind:  gross, disgusting, and nauseating.  What about versatile?  Dr. Dani Rabaiotti, co-author of ‘Believe It Or Snot” has some pretty amazing examples of slime being used effectively, be it as a weapon, a defense mechanism, or even as a house!  Listen as we discuss nests made out of spit, sleeping bags made out of mucus, and even fish that releases so much goo it chokes any predator that comes near!

*BONUS* – Weaponized Flatulence

Everyone knows farts are hilarious, but what about useful?  Listen as Dr. Rabaiotti and I talk about subduing a bee hive by passing gas, how termites produce 19% of the planet’s methane, and how the octopus is absolutely fart free.


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