What do auras, aneurisms, incessant name dropping, a dog saliva allergy, being a criminal informant, former Guinness world record holder, The Hollywood Reporter, and asexuality have in common?  One man:  Siike Donnelly.  What I was looking for was a comic book historian for my first live show.  What I found was the most interesting man in the world (better than the beer guy).  That’s about as accurate an intro as I can give.

Collaborative picture with Kevin Eastman (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)

Siike DOnnelly and Kevin Eastman


The Adventures of Solestar on Amazon – $3 goes to our funds to donate to The Brain Aneurysm Foundation

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OSSM Comics website

Real Conversations with Fake People


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Siike on my first live episode Superhero Scuffles: