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      Benjamin Lorr - The Hidden World of the Grocery Store
      Benjamin Lorr - The Brilliance of Trader Joe's

The Hidden World of the Grocery Store

I am sure that everyone reading this has spent a significant amount of their life inside a grocery store.  So much so, that I bet you already take it for granted.  Take a second and consider the sheer abundance that exists within the four walls of your local supermarket.  How do they get a seemingly endless supply of shrimp, mayonnaise, cabbage, or ANY other random item that you can think of?  It turns out, there is a very dark underbelly to this miracle that is the modern grocery store.  From the exploitative trucking industry, to genuine slavery on fishing boats, someone is paying the price for your cheap and abundant groceries.  Listen as I talk with Benjamin Lorr who wrote the book ‘The Secret Life of Groceries’.

*BONUS EPISODE – The Brilliance of Trader Joe’s*

Trader Joe’s may be one of the most forward thinking grocery chains that ever existed.  They sell more per square inch than every store in existence with the exception of Apple and Tiffany’s.  They reinvented the wine market in California, perfected cheese, and invented Almond Butter.  Listen as Benjamin tells me about his personal interview with Trader Joe himself, Joe Coulombe.

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