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People closest to me know I only drape myself in the finest of fabrics. Obviously velvet is on the top of that list. This is a fabric so seductive, so often touched, that it is incessantly mislabeled “felt”. Believe it or not, there is a better use for this silky textile besides feeling and wearing; as a canvas for the creation of stunning artwork. Carl Baldwin, along with his business partner Caren Anderson, own a world class art gallery specializing exclusively in paintings on velvet. While this form of artistic expression has become thought of as cheesy and sub-par by most art aficionados, its history is legitimate, and the final products rival masterpieces painted during the same era. From the dusky maidens of paradise, to modern pop culture figures, these two have collected prime examples of them all.

They call this placeVelveteria – The Epicenter of Art Fighting Cultural Deprivation



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