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      Shaughnessy Bishop-Stall - The Hangover Cure
      *Bonus* - Stories From a Shanty Town

Since the dawn of time, and the discovery of alcohol, Man has been is search of a cure for the hangover.  Finally that man has arrived, and his name is Shaughnessy Bishop-Stall.  In his latest book ‘Hungover’, Shaughnessy analyzes the effects of alcohol on the human body, then chronicles his adventures trying every cure known to man, both past and present.  From Pliny the Elder to modern day hangover clinics, Shaughnessy has tried it all, and in the end, he concocts a cure of his own.

*BONUS* – Stories From A Shanty Town

For almost a year, Shaughnessy lived with a group of homeless squatters on a vacant lot in Canada.  Their shanty town was called Tent City, and every day was an act of survival.  He chronicles this endeavor in a book called Down To This.  We discussed all sorts of things, including the use of violence as a method of communication, the spectrum of unique personalities he encountered, what the most important survival skill is, and how this skill would be useful in the zombie apocalypse.


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