In a city like Los Angeles, it is hard to stand out, although everyone is desperately trying to.  The easyish way to do that is to be the first to do something culturally relevant; first viral star, first one to discover blogging, or the first person to walk across the continent.  Charles Lummis was all of those things, and possibly one other:  The first celebrity in LA!  Lummis was a real character.  I sit down with Christian Rodriguez, curator at El Alisal, or The Lummis House in Los Angeles and talk about the Lummis life.  We get into his friendship with Teddy Roosevelt, his obsession with how to pronounce Los Angeles, a Forrest Gump like trek on foot from Ohio to California, and finally how this great man was taken down by trigonometry.

      Christian Rodriguez - The Larger than Life Charles Lummis

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