Nancy Lee Bentley is an expert in the field of beneficial bacteria.  Her book “Truly Cultured” is an excellent guide to not only learning about the benefits of cultured foods, but it walks you through the process of creating your own!

In her own words: 

Nancy Lee Bentley is a dynamic, internationally-celebrated, Wholistic Health Expert, Speaker, Author, and Coach, truly a “Full Circle” Guide to Body, Mind, Heart, and Soul health.  This Healthy Foods Celebrity Chef, Natural/Organic Foods Marketing, Nutrition and Health pioneer has done just about “everything you can do with food” including baking Prince’s purple-topped birthday cake, developing wheat-free recipes for Cher and laying the foundations of the Organic Trade Association in her 35-plus year career from Cornell University studies through the food industry, food service, food systems, healthcare, business, politics, and media.

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Truly Cultured Website

Wholistic Health Expert Website