The Mars Rover

Dr. Anita Sengupta is an amazing individual who is directly responsible for designing the supersonic parachute, which made the landing of the Mars Rover possible.  We talk about Mach 3, the lack of women in Astrophysics, and her love of Tom Baker as the real Dr. Who.

      Dr. Anita Sengupta - Landing the Mars Rover

Cold Atom Laboratory

When it comes to Absolute Zero, Dr. Anita Sengupta is a total tease.  Her new project, The Cold Atom Laboratory, cools atoms down to a fraction of a degree above Absolute Zero in order to create and verify a new state of matter first postulated by Einstein.  Attaining Absolute Zero is impossible, as it would create a waveform that would take over the universe.  We get into that, as well as cooling things with lasers, her love of tortured souls, and sonic toothbrushes.

      Dr. Anita Sengupta - The Cold Atom Laboratory


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Seven Minutes of “Terror” video, Starring Dr. Anita Sengupta: