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      Lisa Morton - The Haunted History of Halloween
      *Bonus* - Dia de los Muertos

Halloween is clearly one of my favorite holidays.  It is also one of the most complex holidays to trace the origins of!  Luckily I have Lisa Morton, Halloween historian, to guide me along this dimly lit path.

We string together all the random stuff that makes up Halloween, including ghosts, the dead rising from the grave, witches, the Devil, black cats, bats, vampires, jack-o-lanterns, both tricks AND treats, and of course why Halloween colors are orange and black.

Besides that, we also discuss UFO, Cattle Mutilations, Lisa’s work as a model maker on Star Trek, luggie bowls, and donuts on Halloween.

*BONUS EPISODE – Dia de los Muertos

In this bonus episode, Lisa and I discuss The Day of the Dead, which is a Halloween-esue holiday celebrated in Mexico, as well as Central and Southern America.  We discuss pan de muertos, sugar skulls, dancing skeletons, and The Temple of Doom!


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