I did three separate and distinct interviews with Richard Allen Wagner, where he tries to unravel the mysteries of the genius Sir Francis Bacon. If you want the full story, check out his website The Truth About Shakespeare, and read his free e-book “The Lost Secret of William Shakespeare”.

These episodes are very image heavy.  Check out my Pinterest page to follow along.

The interviews are as follows:

1.  The Winchester Mystery House


Fascinating Nouns Episode 21: 

      The Winchester Mystery House

If you don’t know the legend, educate yourself on their website.

Richard will explain the seemingly inexpiable, and dispel the rumor that this was a house “Built by Spirits”.

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From his Website:

“Educated at the California State University, San Bernardino and the California State University, Fullerton, in Philosophy and World History, Richard Wagner has been teaching, writing and lecturing for more than three decades.

In 1998, he made a major discovery connecting the works of Francis Bacon with those of Sarah Winchester (heiress to the Winchester Arms fortune).

Gradually, during years of intensive research, he made numerous critical discoveries that have come to prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, that Francis Bacon was, in fact, Shakespeare” culminating in his book The LOST SECRET of William Shakespeare

We talk about the history of the Winchester house, the accepted folklore, and Sarah Winchester true intentions might have been.  This is definitely a case where fact is much more fascinating than the fiction.

Rick’s Sarah Winchester website

Rick’s Winchester House website

2.  Sir Francis WAS William Shakespeare

Bacon-standing-portraitFascinating Nouns Episode 43: 

      Was Sir Francis Bacon actually Shakespeare?

My second interview with Richard Allan Wagner, continuing the story of Sir Francis Bacon.  In this episode, Richard gives compelling proof that not only was William Shakespeare actually Sir Francis Bacon, but that he was an invented persona, loosely based on the William Shaksper of Stratford.

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3.  The Bacon/Masonic connections to Oak Island

Oak Island Postcard

Fascinating Nouns Bonus Episode: 

      Oak Island's Masonic Connections

In this bonus episode, Richard Allen Wagner talks about the masonic connections to Oak Island, what could possibly be buried there, and who put it there.  It turns out, Sir Francis Bacon was the island’s original owner.

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