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      Catherine Horwood - Houseplants: A History
      *Bonus* - Worst Fashion Trends in History

Houseplants:  A History

We humans have been trying to tame the outdoors since we were first started living in caves.  For thousands of years we only used plants for cooking or medicine, but all of that changed as soon as Europeans started colonizing the world.  Among other things, the first explorers brought back exotic plants that no one back home had ever seen before!  This led to huge booms in both the raping and pillaging of other continents, but also the technology necessary to keep plants alive in artificial environments.  This includes the invention of terrariums, greenhouses, and even the conservatory!  Listen as we talk about how the pandemic has caused the biggest boom in houseplant history, why the growing of cannabis has perfected the technology of grow lights, and a plant so rare and valuable that it has been called the Chanel of houseplants. Plus, we even sneak in a little bit about Catherine’s other passion:  embarrassing fashion trends!

*BONUS EPISODE* – The Worst Fashion Trends in History

In this bonus episode, Catherine and I finish our conversation about the worst fashion in trends in history, including wearing overalls without a shirt, PVC clothing, and 80’s shoulder pads.



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