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      Walter Day - The Father of Esports

*Bonus Episode* - The Billy Mitchell Situation

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Walter Day is best known for his work as founder/head referee of Twin Galaxies, the official video game scorekeeper for Guinness.  In the early days of arcades, Walter (an early world record holder himself) helped establish a system for tracking the top video game scores in the world.  That competition for world records evolved into what is now called Esports.

That may be enough for most people, but Walter Day is not most people.  Walter is also known for his business card collection, which numbers around 25 million.  He sold vintage newspapers, some as old as the 1500’s, collected celebrity yearbooks, and spent time as an oil broker.  He is currently pursuing a music career and launching several lines of trading cards.  We discuss all of these things, if you can believe it!  Speaking of, he was also featured on Ripley’s Believe It or Not.

*BONUS* – The Billy Mitchell Situation

Recently, the legendary arcade player Billy Mitchell had all of his scores removed from Twin Galaxies, including his perfect game of Pac-Man, because he cheated when submitting the infamous “King of Kong” score.  I ask Walter his thoughts. 


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