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Richard Wuydts is the mad scientist behind World’s Rare Plants, and is a leading cultivator of rare and carnivorous plants.  He has been growing, breeding, and collecting carnivorous plants for 50+ years in his state of the art greenhouse.  Today this is a 7 day a week greenhouse, with several hundreds of species for purchase.  Richard and his wife Mary built this incredible greenhouse from the ground up.  They started out selling plants on the side of the road on weekends.  The beauty and quality of these plants allowed them to build a reputation and within a years time, they had their current greenhouse up and running.

Listen as we talk about how these plants lure prey to them, roofie their victims with a nectar laced with a neurotoxin, wrap them up with moving appendages, create hermetically sealed stomach’s out of their leaves, and eat the bugs like a spider.  Amazing stuff.

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