Dr. James Fallon

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      Dr. James Fallon - The World's Friendliest Psychopath

We are taught that psychopaths are dangerous individuals who should be avoided at all costs.  This is probably good advice.  Dr. James Fallon is a neuroscientist at UC Irvine who has been studying the brains of killers for over a decade…including his own.  Dr. Fallon is a psychopath by definition, although he is not dangerous by any means (or so he says).  It turns out psychopathy is pretty common, and just because people have the brain of a psychopath, that does not condemn them to a life of violent crime and murder. 

Listen to our discussion about what exactly creates a dangerous psychopath, and how we can avoid them.  We also discuss which of our presidents exhibit the most psychopathic traits, how Dexter is impossible, his time as a pageant baby, and his amazing collegiate football record.


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