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In my humble opinion, I believe that author Joe Dever’s world of Magnamund is better than Westeros, better than Hogwarts, even better than Middle Earth!  Even if you don’t agree with that assessment, what you can’t deny is the fortuitous time period in which Joe started writing gamebooks.  Novels in which YOU got to chose your own story were all the rage, and Joe had found the perfect medium to write the amazing adventures of his legendary character Lone Wolf!  He truly perfected the serialized Gamebook genre.

We really dive into everything from his beginnings as the D&D world champion, to day long courtship by several publishing companies, his transition into video games, and finally the resurgence of Lone Wolf today!

      Joe Dever - Author of Lone Wolf


Magnamund Companion cover

If for some reason you are unfamilar with the World of Magnamund, you should buy the above book.  If you can’t find it, then you should definitely listen to Joe Dever explain his fantasy world, including the Kai Lords, the Giaks language, Vonotar, Darklords and The Sommerswerd.

      Magnamund Mythology


Joe’s Facebook page – I am his 5,000th friend!

Cubicle 7 – Where you can buy the Lone Wolf RPG

Pictures we talked about:

Origins '82 Winner's T-shirtJoe’s Championship Shirt!  (Joe not pictured)

Wil Wheaton Dever 1Wil Wheaton and Joe Dever

Wil Wheaton 2Wil Wheaton w/ Lone Wolf RPG and a Carcassonne fan

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