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      Jenny Kleeman - Sex Robots and Artificial Wombs
      Jenny Kleeman - The Future of Death

As technology marches forward, humans are achieving things that were thought to exist only in science fiction.  In her new book ‘Sex Robots and Vegan Meat”, Jenny Kleeman looks at four such innovations, and explores how they are poised to fundamentally change the pillars of humanity.  We discuss these advancements, which include robotic companions, artificial wombs, lab-grown meat, and DIY death coffins as well as how they may shape our future society.  We also get into Jenny’s career as a rock star, and how multi million dollar chicken nugget made her vegan for a few days.

*BONUS EPISODE* – The Future of Death

The Right to Die is a controversial topic in many countries, and a company called EXIT is capitalizing on that uncertainty.  Their CEO is creating a DIY death coffin that can be 3D printed in a matter of weeks.  Requiring only nitrogen, it may provide an alternative for those looking to skirt the law.  We discuss this killer contraption on this bonus episode.

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