Kenny Irwin Jr. is an artist who’s true style is hard to nail down in contemporary words.  He may be the mastermind behind Griswold-esque Robo Lights, but like most famous artists, he exists in two worlds, both literally and figuratively.  There is the world of imagination that Kenny inhabits in his dreaming state, and it is from there that most of his artistic inspiration generates.  He takes that inspiration, and turns anything he can get his hands on into pieces of robot-themed art.  Robots aren’t all that Kenny creates;  he also has a large body of Bic pen art, resin skulls, snails, & birds, as well as music, and a microwave YouTube show.

We discussed all of those topics, as well as his toe nail art (link below), how lights can be delivered by the ton, his family’s Superbowl ring, and the proper way to microwave a light bulb.

      Kenny Irwin Jr. - Mastermind behind Robo Lights

Toenail Art for purchase

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Kenny’s YouTube page