Finally Michael Carbonaro has come to Fascinating Nouns!  I love his show The Carbonaro Effect, but I have been following his career since he was the Magic Clerk on The Tonight’s show! After a four and a half year pursuit I sit down with Carbo, and we get WAY into the weeds.   We talk about his first love, a lap dancing Pennywise the Clown, his reality-bending duties as a Time Lord, a profound moment he experienced that includes Jazz, a cummerbund, a bowtie, & lame’, plus the deep questions he ponders when at one of life’s crossroads.

      Michael Carbonaro - The Carbonaro Effect

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My personal favorite:  The Nick Carbonaro goof!

Michael’s Acting Reel

Magic Clerk on the Tonight Show

Shaq on The Carbonaro Effect

The Alien Pod

The Winner