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      Michael Bream - Electrifying Antique Vehicles

I LOVE antique cars, but I also love the environment.  I thought I would have to choose one or the other, but thanks to Michael Bream “The Dream” of EV West, I don’t have to.  What does EV West do?  They electrify antique cars.  What does that mean?  They pull out the engine and everything it needs to run.  Then they put in an electric motor and battery (sometimes re-purposing Tesla parts), and viola, you have a really stylish electric car.  Also, these guys are on the forefront of green technology.  They utilize a solar array to generate free electricity that they story in a battery bank and use to power all the machines in their shop! 

I sat down with Bream “The Dream” in his shop, and we chatted about his skating career and how his videos were some of the first uploaded to YouTube, the benefits of Van Life, his podcast, and how he would survive a Mad Max scenario.



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