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      David Gunkel - Preparing for the Robot Incursion
      *Bonus* - Robot Rights

Preparing for the Robot Incursion

If science fiction has taught us anything, it’s that robots are coming for us.  They will invade every part of our society, become self-aware, then enslave the human race.  I call this The Robacalypse.  How accurate is this bleak vision of the future?  According to AI and Robotics expert David Gunkel, this is not very likely at all.  His belief is that robots will slowly replace tasks that we find dangerous, tedious, or just plain annoying until one day we will look up and see a vast population of AI powered robots living all around us.  We discuss how to prepare for this inevitable future, as well as the emergent properties of AI, sex robots as data collection units, and David’s time as a Milwaukee DJ.

*BONUS EPISODE* – Robot Rights

If it turns out that robots do become both independently intelligent and ubiquitous, they may want the same rights as humans.  This is not without precedent, as certain rivers and even corporations have legal standings as people.  What would this mean for robot kind?  Could they be held responsible for harm dealt to a human?  Listen as David Gunkel and I discuss this intriguing topic.


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