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      Lt. John Dover - Paranormal Cases from the Navajo Nation
      Sgt. Stan Milford - Mysterious Tales from the Navajo Nation

One of the problems with paranormal stories is a lack of evidence and credibility.  That is where the Paranormal Rangers excel.  Federal Rangers on the Navajo Nation, John Dover and Stan Milford are assigned the most inexplicable cases that come through the station, meticulously investigating each one with an objective scrutiny that is unheard of with these types of topics.  From Bigfoot and UFO’s, to hauntings and Navajo witchcraft, they are exposed to some of the most unbelievable phenomenon known to man.

Listen as John and I discuss the insidious skinwalkers, the importance of oral history, having large boulders thrown at you by a sasquatch, and the importance of “smoking” themselves.

*BONUS* – Mysterious Tales from the Navajo Nation w/ Sgt. Stan Milford

This interview wouldn’t be complete without a conversation with John’s partner Stan Milford.  Stan has had some truly mind-boggling experiences, including a haunting where coins appeared out of thin air, a ghost throwing a butcher knife into a cantaloupe, and a UFO case involving the abduction of 8 puppies!


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