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      Anthony Amore - Rose Dugdale: From Debutante to Art Thief

I have always believe that art theft was a crime reserved for sophisticated criminals of the silver screen.  I had no idea that art theft is a very common crime until I spoke with Anthony Amore, who is a historian an author of art theft, as well as the director of security for the Isabella Stewart Gardner museum in Boston.  This is the site of one of the most famous art heists in U.S. history, and one where a Vermeer was stolen and never recovered.  This theft inspired Anthony to look at other major heists, and he came across Rose Dugdale, a member of the English elite who gave up her fortune to fight for the rights of Irish citizens.  During this time, she pulled off two of the greatest art heists in history, where she managed to steal two Vermeers.  Paintings by this Dutch master are some of the most rare and sought after paintings in the world.  We discuss Rose, these thefts, and the impact they had on the art world.


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