Bo Shaffer

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      Bo Shaffer - The Legend of The Frozen Dead Guy

Nederland is a town in Colorado that is home to the world’s first backyard cryonics facility, which is occupied by their most famous resident Bredo Morstøl, affectionately known as “The Frozen Dead Guy”.  For the past 27 years, he has been preserved with dry ice, which has to be replaced every 28 days.  Bredo’s grandson Trygve is managing this sensitive operation all the way in Oslo, Norway.  When Trygve was deported in 1994, he needed someone to faithfully pack his grandfather in dry ice every month.  That man was Bo Shaffer, who dutifully performed this task for 18 years.  Listen as he tells the story of how this started, why he didn’t like the nickname “The Iceman”, why the town outlawed frozen turkeys, and who won the Dry Ice Wars.


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