Economics of the Undead

James Dow and Glen Whitman
      Glen Whitman/James Dow - Economics of the Undead

*Bonus Episode* - Zombie Insurance

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Have you ever wondered about basic economics principles, only to be bored by their lack of grave-fresh examples?  Well rejoice!  Glen Whitman and James Dow, two California State University Northridge economics professors, have complied a wonderful piece of literature doing just that:  Economics of the Undead!  We cover such amazing topics as “Reservation Level of Romantic Satisfaction” as it relates to human girls dating vampire boys, what our new currency will be during and after the zombie apocalypse, and what are the tax loopholes loopholes created by voluntary zombification.

*BONUS* – Zombie Insurance

Glen and James try to sell me on the practicality of Zombie Insurance.

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