Guy Gilchrist



      Guy Gilchrist - Illustrating The Muppets
      *Bonus* - The Fraggle Wrangler and the White House

The name Guy Gilchrist is synonymous with The Muppets.  He was Jim Henson’s official cartoonist, and he helped develop The Muppet Babies, all starting at the age of 24!  On top of that, he has professional drawn Tom & Jerry, The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and the Looney Tunes.  We discuss all of this, as well as how to reverse engineer a drawing, 100 year-old pen tips, his admiration for Jim Henson, and how he got his first job selling drawings out of his step-father’s upholstery shop.

*BONUS EPISODE* – The Fraggle Wrangler and the White House

In this bonus episode, Guy and I talk about how he was almost detained indefinitely over a Fraggle wrangler, his time developing minor league baseball logos, his country music career, and how First Lady Nancy Reagan declared him a national treasure.


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