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      Sean Kelly - A Brief History of Video Games

*Bonus Episode* - Rare Video Game Artifacts

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When it comes to video games, no one has amassed a more impressive collection of rare and historically significant items than Sean Kelly, co-founder of the National Video Game Museum in Frisco Texas.  Not only is he a world class collector, but he is a walking encyclopedia of video game knowledge!  We try to cover the important moments in video game history, including how he and his dad fried their first Intellivision in 1979, the Great Video Game Crash of 1983, the 16 bit war between Nintendo and Sega, The Robotic Operated Buddy, and Atari’s mind reading technology. 

*BONUS* – Rare Video Game Artifacts

What do The Power Glove, Sega Neptune, Atari Mindlink and Barbie Gameboy all have in common?  Sean Kelly owns the original prototypes for all of those items!  Listen as Sean walks me through his incredible collection of rare and one-of-a-kind video game artifacts which includes the first military training video game, and a sewing machine add-on for the Nintendo Gameboy!


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