You are currently viewing Ep. 130:  Professional Card Counting

Ep. 130: Professional Card Counting

Josh Axelrad

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Casinos invest a lot of money in creating games you think you can win, but in reality the odds are such that you have absolutely no chance at beating them. That is, of course, unless you can count cards. As a matter of fact, if you aren’t counting cards, then you are almost mathematically guaranteed to lose all of your money over the long haul. The problem is, while totally legal, card counting will get you immediately kicked out of any casino you play in.

Josh ‘The Axe’ Axelrad was one such card counter. Over a five year stretch, he won hundreds of thousands of dollars, much to the chagrin of the casinos. They hate fair play so much, that he’s been threatened, detained or kicked out of almost every casino he’s ever played in. Listen as he regales me with his adventures as a professional gambler. We discuss his aspirations of being an art thief, his brush with paranormal phenomenon, and his love of dreadlocks.


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