Ep. 135:  The Future of the DeLorean

Ep. 135: The Future of the DeLorean

Stephen Wynne

Stephen Wynne Square


Stephen Wynne is the CEO of DeLorean Motor Company, a business you probably thought went bankrupt in 1983.  Technically it did, and  Stephen, a life-long DMC-12 advocate, went from servicing DeLoreans in the early 80’s to owning the entire stock of more than 3.5 million new DeLorean parts today.  It was an incredible journey that went from Liverpool to Los Angeles, and we get into all the nooks and crannies, including his start as a DeLorean mechanic, an infamous classified ad in the Wall Street Journal, the gold plated DeLoreans, Electric cars, and Stephen’s ambitious plans to start up production on the DMC-12!


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