*Bonus* The Celebrities of Braidwood, Illinois

*Bonus* The Celebrities of Braidwood, Illinois

The Celebrities of Braidwood Illinois

Besides mayors, presidents, and strange fossils, Braidwood has had its share of celebrities.  Even though it has always been a small town, surprisingly it has spawned quite a few world class athletes.   They had a world class soccer team that competed at the 1893 World’s Fair and took second place.  Les Norman and Brian DuBois are two professional baseball players that came out of the high school program.  Les is still an analyst/radio host.  The success doesn’t stop at sports: Kay Cannon is a successful writer/producer/director in Hollywood, and of course the story of Braidwood would not be complete without a singer Doug Pinnick’s connection to the 90’s cartoon Beavis & Butthead!



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