Carla Valentine is trailblazer in the Death Industry. She is an author (Past Mortems), blogger, creator of the only Death Industry networking/dating website Dead Meet, former pathologist, and current Technical Curator of the most famous Pathology Museum in the world: St. Batholomew’s! There she is in charge of preserving and categorizing 5,000 specimens of human remains, some of which are over 200 hundred years old.

Obviously we talk about the cat funeral that got her interested in mortuary work, but we also discuss the McDonald’s Triad, the Human Tissue Authority, Weekend at Bernie’s, and her Master’s Thesis exploring the connection between sex and death (Count Carl Von Cosel anyone?). Oh and she spends a lot of time telling me how she is NOT a serial killer. Methings thou doth protest too much!

Bonus Episode!  Carla sticks around to talk about some specific pieces in her collection, including grave wax, items extracted from a human butt, and a teratoma the size of a human head!

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