In this modern age, there are a few places filled with wonder and magic. There are even fewer castles. In Glendora, California there is a place with both. Michael started his construction career at nine years old when he would build three story forts out of stuff he found from the local junkyard. All of this practice culminated into the creation of his masterpiece: Rubel Castle. With a lot of help from his friends, and the bottomless pockets of an early investor in McDonald’s, he constructed a three story stone structure that has a working portcullis, operational cannons, a printing press, and a pottery shop!

I talk with Scott Rubel, nephew to Michael, as he recounts all of his fond memories building this incredible monument. We talk about using kids as slave labor, Michael’s run for City Council, his Hulk like strength, and finally his 1890 Seth Thomas clocktower.

      Scott Rubel - The Rubel Castle

BONUS EPISODE! The castle even has a blacksmith! I sit down with John Lybrand, the Rubel Castle blacksmith, and learn about blacksmithing merit badges, a secret blacksmith society, and how to make a dagger out of old railroad spikes.

      John Lybrand - The Rubel Castle Blacksmith


Contact The Glendora Historical Society for tours.

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