Ep. 161:  The Craziness Caused By COVID-19

Ep. 161: The Craziness Caused By COVID-19

The Craziness Caused By COVID-19

Between the time I we first recorded How Madness Shaped History and when the episode came out, something unpredictable happened: a killer pandemic swept across the world.  What came after was a wave of craziness that affected basically everyone, from world leaders to your next door neighbor.  I brought Chris The Conqueror back on to weigh-in on several topics, including toilet paper hoarding, the optics of Ebola, and the infatuation with conspiracy theories.

News Stories We Discussed

Trump Cycles Through Targets To Blame for COVID-19 Response
Brazil’s President Losing Followers Due To His Unpopular Stance
China’s Population Throwing Pets Out Of Windows
Dogs Linked To COVID-19 Transmission May Lead To Animal Abuse
China May Be Burning Infected People Alive
New Chinese Virology Lab In Wuhan
Woody Harrelson Promotes 5G Conspiracy Theory
Gwyneth Paltrow’s Vagina Scented Candle

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